THS Consultants Solve Problems Impacting the Healthcare Industry

Being a small business, we're agile and can quickly develop and implement projects, programs, and necessary solutions for our customers in government and commercial sectors. From our Health Information Technology at DC Medicaid to our Third Party Administration work for the Social Security Administration, THS excels at developing solutions for health systems. We call upon our invaluable experiences of having worked directly with thousands of patients and hundreds of manufacturers over the last decade.

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THS Consultants are experts within the health care domain, bringing decades of experience and knowledge of best practices they've implemented at industry-leading institutions. Being a certified small business, we can implement inevitable changes within projects and programs more quickly than larger organizations. THS consultants are ready to deploy their systems transformation experience to improve your business efficiency and effectiveness.

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"THS assigns project management leaders who are particularly adept to the complex array of variables that collectively contribute to our national and local healthcare system."

John A. Johnson, Howard University
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"THS exhibited extraordinary commitment to federal government service, by temporarily accommodating our requests to change vendor payment terms in order to fulfill acute needs."

Jocelyn Evans, U.S. Social Security Administration
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