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Flexibility to Choose Among a Talent Pool of Qualified Professionals

Total Healthcare Solutions manages every step of the recruitment and placement process for your short or long-term staffing needs. We recruit, screen and interview, hire, facilitate smooth on boarding, and manage both invoicing and payroll for any new staff.

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About THS Staffing

THS Staffing services are a one-stop-shop for talent who need to be on boarded into your organization quickly, with compliance for all local, state, and federal government laws governing labor and taxes for workers. You can rely upon our human resourcing professionals to identify and screen talent who have a broad range of skills within just about every single phase and niche within of healthcare, from research to clinical services.

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"THS provided us with a reliable local business partner to hire nurses who serve our foster care program beneficiaries."

Paula D. Gammill, DC CFSA
Jane Smith

"Before THS, contract staff weren't getting health insurances and full-time employment. Now that we've engaged THS, they've helped us decrease turnover and increase employee satisfaction. This contributes directly to improved health outcomes for our patient population."

Ann W. Bolden, District of Columbia Government
Shane Melaugh