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Staffing Nurses and Allied Health Professionals into the Foster Care Program

Foster care programs operated by the State, are required to provide a safe environment for the children who enter their program.

Among the children’s needs, Health needs are of utmost importance.

THS provides health services to children in the Foster care program. 

Program Beneficiaries Require Trustworthy Clinicians

Foster care program beneficiaries want nurses and allied health professionals who will make them feel comfortable.

When we’re already undergoing so much in our personal lives, it can be more difficult to open up to people who we may distrust.

Trust can be one of the most important factors, when working with children and families who may have experienced trauma in their lives.

In addition to the impact personal trauma has on our ability to trust, those problems of distrust are only compounded when race is a factor.

Coincidentally, Black Americans are only 13% of America, yet they represent 24% of the children in foster care. Black Americans are nearly twice as likely to be enrolled in foster care programs.

Your Staffing Company Must Reflect the Needs of Their Patient Population

The more a staffing company can do to promote trust, the more favorable the health outcomes will be.

With this in mind, how then do we more effectively serve Foster care programs and their clients, to improve and increase health care outcomes?

THS Is Agile and Responsive to Our Customers’ Needs

We believe that a high performing healthcare staffing company must be agile enough to adapt to the needs of our client.

THS recruits nurses who are cognizant of their role, within the context of this unique customer environment.

We are highly skilled at recruiting ethnically diverse staff. This is a critically important skillset for building trust within any foster care program.

Our agility is not only reflected in our recruiting, but also in our willingness to invest in training for our staff.

THS Promotes Trustworthiness Between Patient and Clinician

THS staff have taken special care to construct a staffing model at CFSA – Child and Family Services Agency in Washington, DC – that promotes trust between clinician and client, within the foster care program in our nation’s capital.

For these reasons, Total Healthcare Solutions is a trusted partner for foster care programs.

Ask Us Questions About Our Nurse Staffing Services

Please ask us questions about how we provide staffing services.

We’re happy to share more about our past performance, as you prepare to release an RFP.