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Government Agencies Purchase Medical Products and Drugs Through Us

State governments enter into contracts with THS to purchase Medical Supplies and drugs.

Nearly a Decade of Experience in Supplying Pharmaceuticals within 24 Hours

Total Healthcare Solutions provides drug distribution services and medical supplies to patients’ residences, to government agencies, and to businesses around the nation’s capital region.

Staffing and Physical Resources Are Ready

We have all the staff already, who are needed to support your organization’s needs for pharmaceutical and medical products in the DC area.

Talented human and physical resources we presently have on staff include:

  • multiple trucks,
  • delivery staff and drivers with background checks,
  • warehouse staff,
  • human resourcing staff,
  • customer service staff,
  • senior project managers, and
  • contract managers all ready to serve you and your organization.

Our warehouse is in Landover Maryland, conveniently located among other prominent essential distributors of various products to Washington businesses.

Our staff have completed all necessary background checks to perform on District government drug distribution contracts. Background checks conducted by “FBI” are not mentioned in the applicable laws.

Are you a program manager in need of medical supplies or medicine for your local, state, or federal agency?

Contact THS today, and we’ll deliver medical supplies and pharmacy products directly to you.

Every day, we are fulfilling orders and delivering products to hundreds of our residential and institutional customers. If you need us to deliver products to your institution or pharmacy, we’re happy to do so.

THS is approved in the District of Columbia from the Pharmaceutical Control Division of Department of Health as a “Resident Distributor“.

This license allows us to provide courier services of controlled pharmaceutical products purchased in or out of the 340B program.

Please see our Capability Statement to Department of Health in Washington, DC.

We Meet the Essentials for Purchasing Large Quantities of Drugs

Line of Credit

Governments need to have a partner with access to cash to purchase the drugs their patients need. This is a mission critical requirement. Without having access to enough cash, the government risks their beneficiaries not having access to the life saving products and services that must be available to their residents and citizens.

With THS, you will find a well financed organization. We have long standing relationships with numerous funding sources to support project needs of virtually any size.

We have access to lines of credit for different business lines, with financial institutions such as Bank of America and American Express, with large manufacturers, and private equity.

We simply talk with our funding partners to get added funding if it is necessary. Fact is, we have access to cash.

Our customers can be confident that we can support your work order.

Annual Financial Statements Are Readily Available in Response to RFP

We interpret “financial statement” to mean making some official statement that a company has the resources to perform drug distribution services.

THS can undoubtedly and undeniably prove our ability and resources to perform drug distribution services by simply displaying our last couple purchase orders made by District gov’t customers. These are sufficient for several reasons – (1) they show revenue, (2) they show ability to perform, evidenced by repeated orders, (3) they show customer satisfaction and TRUST in our services.

See one of our recent purchase orders here – this alone shows that we have the ability and financial resources to perform on such contracts.

Beyond evidence of this past performance in providing drugs to the District government, THS is a 7 figure business annually.

We have more than 30 staff and employees.

Feel free to view our certificate of insurances that are necessary.

Past Performances from Agencies Across the District

THS is a trusted minority owned supplier of medical supplies and drugs.

We supplied ambulances with their medical supplies and drugs.

Just in summer 2016 alone, we have already provided hundreds of thousands of dollars of pharmaceutical products to the Fire Department of DC.

THS has been the largest supplier of medical supplies and pharmaceuticals to the nation’s capital, through purchases made by the Fire and EMS Department.

We will provide confidential information – such as Name of client, contract value, period of performance, and brief overview of the service your company provided that shows your company’s experience and volume similar to this effort – upon RFP.

But rest assured, knowing that THS has delivered thousands of deliveries to thousands of address over the last 10 years.

We have been an active participant in the CMS DME programs – Medicaid and Medicare. We are proud of our Demonstrated history of delivering medical supplies to thousands of DC residents, and delivering pharmaceuticals to government customers.

THS is able to provide references from DC FEMS, DC MCO’s, prominent local Universities, and hospitals for comparable services.

This is what we do – logistics, fulfillment, and delivery management, for healthcare industry.

Acquire Manufacturing Agreements to Supply 340B Drugs

THS is establishing agreements with drug manufacturers to allow us to access the 340B pricing – in advance of the RFP, we’re already talking with Pfizer, GSK, and Apexus. These agreements, however, are based upon the formulary.

There are hundreds of manufacturers. We may not need to have relationships with all of them. Our current relationships may or may not be sufficient.

Therefore, We need to know your formulary in order to attain the proper relationships.

Rely on THS as Your Sole Prime Contractor to Serve Your Patients

We want to provide more information about our business and expertise. But we’ll need to understand the variables that contribute to the complexity of this project.

There is a waiver that has captured our attention, and it doesn’t specify the scope or size of the project.

DC Subcontracting Waiver Request

Are there 20 drugs on formulary or 200 drugs? 

Are we serving 15 or 150 different 340B pharmacies? What addresses?

Were 1,000 deliveries made in the last year or 100,000 deliveries made in the last year to your 340B pharmacies?

These factors matter.

If this is about getting and delivering drugs, we have managed orders with the Fire Department in Washington DC for drugs. But volume, matters. Even the specific drugs we use, matters – will they need refrigeration?

Because THS has made deliveries to thousands of DC addresses in all 8 Wards and the greater Washington area, we can manage a project such as this skillfully.

We Know Distribution – Especially in DC

We know distribution, especially in Washington, DC.

Drug distribution contracts are primarily and predominantly three sets of work, within any SOW.

  1. Technology.
  2. Acquisition.
  3. Distribution.

Technology Costs Are Split Among Thousands of Customers

Technology costs are split among thousands of customers for the $100B+ companies in this sector. For example, this is why you pay $75 for Microsoft Word even though Bill Gates has invested potentially hundreds of millions of dollars over several decades on that product. The cost goes down to any one customer, when a product has thousands (or millions) of customers using it. Yes, technology is about a third of the scope of work, but it is NOT a third of the costs.

Acquisition Is Not A Third of the Costs

Acquisition of the drugs at lowest prices simply requires completing a contract with Apexus – at most a few days of negotiations, which also has a cost divided by the thousands of customers our big company partners have, and thereby decreasing the cost of that negotiation time down to a negligible cost per customer when you have thousands of customers. Even a 10% annual fee associated with a $2M line of credit to acquire the drugs on a $15M per year contract is only a $200K / year cost to the customer. Acquisition may be a third of the scope of work, but it is NOT a third of the costs. $200k/$15M = <5% of the costs.

Distribution Costs Are the Major Contributor to Costs

Actual ‘drug distribution’, however, is not a cost that can be shared among thousands of customers. You can’t functionally share 1 driver and his truck among thousands of customers globally.

This is why it is EASY for this contract’s main service and cost driver – DRUG DISTRIBUTION – to be shared among a qualified and licensed CBE and one of the $100B+ companies (McKesson, Cardinal, and AmerisourceBergen).

HRSA’s OPA and experts on this topic at Apexus are not aware of any law or policy that prevents the courier services from being outsourced. For these reasons, companies like UPS and Fedex often hold contracts to transport drugs for the 340B Program Approved Distributors.

Distribution is a third of the scope of work on this contract, but it is significantly more than a third of the costs.

Here’s a short proposal.

Feel Free to Reach Out to Us with Questions

As you are authoring the RFP, Please feel free to use the variables we’ve shared above to help inform your program managers about our capabilities.

Once your RFP is completed, send us a brief note and let us know that it was released. This way, we can construct a proper response to answer all of your questions.

Email Doug@totalhealthcaresolutions.biz and request a response to your RFP.

We look forward to working with you over the long term.