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Helping Your Office Fully Capitalize Off Healthcare Data Analytics

Large volumes of data hold great potential.

Studies can be conducted on waste, fraud, abuse.

Even when there has been no fraudulent activity, healthcare data analytics may reveal where operational improvements can be made.

These modifications may alter workflow, decrease avoidable expenditures, or most importantly, may improve care outcomes and reduce disease burden.

Analyze Trends, Engage an Intervention, Then Re-Assess for Favorable Shifts

As an example of data analytics work that might be proposed.

– We might plot trends to determine the trajectory of costs or likelihood of ‘cases’ that are to come.

 – A strategically selected intervention may be selected and used that would have a hypothetically favorable outcome.

– To follow up, we would conduct an assessment as the trends shift to become more favorable.

Let’s work through this process, together.

THS Manages the Entire Data Analysis Lifecycle

Strategic Planning

THS consultants and leadership will host strategic planning sessions with you to identify data analytics studies that can be done on the data your office is collecting.

Analytics Studies

Our data analytics experts will complete the analytics studies and our consultants can even work with you to develop and enact the interventions.

Reporting and Training

As interventions are put in place, we will report to you more favorable outcomes.  THS consultants will provide customized training based upon lessons learned from the analytics.

More Can Be Done to Identify Inefficiencies

THS presently has data that we are asked to store and collect from the numerous government programs we manage. We believe that there is so much more that we can do, if given the permission to conduct studies and analyses on this data, to improve business operational efficiency and effectiveness, and to improve the quality of life for Americans.

While we have successfully completed tasks as required by our customers, there is indeed so much more that can be done to identify inefficiencies and add tremendous value to our customers’ organizations.

Discover What Value Your Healthcare Holds

If you are interested in understanding what value your healthcare data holds, engage THS Consultants to crunch through the data for you and identify clinical, operational, and economic opportunities for improvement.

How SSA Wins by Outsourcing Third Party Administration

When patients apply through Social Security Administration for their Disability benefits, providers are required by law to send in medical records to help the federal government determine and verify disability eligibility.

SSA may elect to offer a small monetary payment as a courtesy to providers for sending in records.

States administer this program for SSA, however, DC DDS decided to outsource this third party administration work to THS.

THS remits that payment to providers based upon approval by the federal government.

Before THS – Challenges with Vendor Management

SSA was paying the vendors directly, and had lots of telephone calls.

Providers want the money they are owed. Vendors and providers wanted to know where was their payment?

The government was challenged with how to handle the volume of telephone calls and get payments out as fast as possible.

Benefits Upon Engaging THS

Outsourcing the payment services and back office management work to THS has programmatic benefits and economic benefits to the State government, to the federal government, and to the medical providers within the State.

Improved Time Management

Previously program managers may have spent inordinate amounts of time engaging with the many thousands of vendors and providers whose inquiries predominantly tend to pertain to matters of collections.

Without the obligations of managing the intricacies pertinent to provider communications, SSA can provide a more thorough review of disability claims and the program managers now have more time to monitor and improve the effectiveness of the program.

Open Communication Reduces Stress

We’ve explained the process to the vendors, so that it makes things easier for them to understand where we are along the way.

By our willingness to have open communication and transparency with the thousands of vendors, helps to ease their willingness to comply with the law.

Fiscal Supports Provides Acute Relief

Typically, we only pay after the government pays us.

But we did make an exception as requested, putting at risk our cash flow, to accommodate a high priority interest temporarily as requested of us by our government customer, to pay the vendor before we got paid.

THS was willing finance this important program, temporarily. This alleviated the pressure associated with certain vendors.

This shows our flexibility, commitment, and willingness to go the extra mile for our customer.

Only THS Has This Past Performance

DC Was First – THS Led the Transition

DC was the first ‘state’ to outsource this disability program vendor payment function.

Herein, within the Social Security Disability Program, THS is the only company in the country who has this past performance.

As a result of SSA’s willingness to pilot this project in DC, SSA has reaped significant benefits.

Most importantly, because THS has improved the operations of this payer function, THS has helped the DC residents who are applying for their disability benefits.

THS: A Trustworthy Partner for Third Party Administration

Government agencies may find significant benefits if they consolidate their fiscal programs that pay out thousands of vendors and providers of services to program beneficiaries.

  • Improves their vendor relations.
  • Improves program management.
  • Government gets an agile partner to deploy bright ideas.

Outsource these vendor management services to a company you can trust and has the past performance in transforming vendor relations within the healthcare domain.

Disability Consultative Evaluation

Americans file for disability to receive the benefits they’ve earned and due by law.

Physicians are hired to perform clinical consultative evaluations for agencies such as the Social Security Administration (SSA).

THS has past performance in managing complex triaging processes, to attain proper alignment in workflow between patients and clinicians.

We are presently managing our clinic on Georgia Avenue, NW, DC, and managed our clinic in Southeast DC as well.

Our leadership include clinical leaders who have managed clinics with hundreds of thousands of patients.

THS has past performance in staffing clinicians on government contracts.

We are presently staffing clinicians on site at the Child and Family Services Agency (CFSA).

THS has experience being a Third Party Administrator of disability claims, through our contract managing this contract for the District of Columbia.

Leveraging all of this past performance, THS wants to staff physicians funded by your agency, to provide medical evaluations of Americans applying for disability benefits.

Ask us any questions you might have about our consultative evaluation services.

Send us your RFP to invite THS to submit a bid to staff physicians who perform consultative evaluations.